Unexpected Necessities

Everything offered by Unexpected Necessities is hand crafted by the proprietor with simple tools, time tested methods and an eye on protecting the environment. For example, much of the jewelry is made from recycled sterling silver. Chemicals used for brazing, polishing and etching metals are formulated by the proprietor, after much research, to be the most natural and least toxic options available. No piece work is sent out to be completed by larger casting or fabricating companies. If it can’t be done on site, in the studio, it is not done.

A note about Argentium Silver:

Argentium silver is produced using only recycled silver. While traditional sterling is alloyed with up to 7.5% copper, part of the copper in Argentium is replaced with germanium and the alloy amount is less, meaning it is a purer silver. Both result in a brighter silver with greater resistance to tarnish. It also has greater hardness and durability than traditional sterling silver. Finally, it is nickle free so it is more hypoallergenic than traditional sterling.