Unexpected Necessities

By: devlin | September 22, 2013

As I work, I often wonder if anyone can tell what goes into my creations. I decided to photograph some of the steps for making my most basic project: Simple Drop Earrings and post it to Flickr. If you click on the first photograph it will open a carousel to flick through the construction steps. What is happening in each photograph is detailed below each picture. You may be surprised how much work goes into such a simple project.

The inspiration for this project was to find a way to recycle scrap sterling silver instead of sending it off to be re-refined. The motive for this goal is threefold. Recycling saves resources. If I can recycle the silver myself, it eliminates transporting the silver and part of the waste byproduct from industriall...

By: devlin | July 14, 2013

I never know where inspiration will come from or when it will strike. I had this spice rack stored in my basement when it popped into my head that it could be fashioned into a versatile jewelry display. I installed dowels into each round opening to accommodate earrings and pendants, inserted more dowels and hooks in the rectangular openings to hang necklaces and bracelets and topped it with larger dowels to display rings.Since the bottom has a spinning base the display can be rotated in place, allowing space for a great deal of jewelry in minimum space.

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