Unexpected Necessities

By: devlin | February 13, 2014

Amethyst Bracelet and Earring set
Crocodile and Calfskin Leather Wristlet

The above Unexpected Necessities products are prizes in a raffle with proceeds going to the Waltham Boys and Girls Club on Sunday, February 16th, 2014 at 5 o'clock PM at the Mad Raven in Waltham.

Until we were asked to contribute to our first Boston Marathon fundraiser we was unaware some runners pay charities for their bibs. It works like this: the BAA and John Hancock allocate a specific number of bibs to approved charities and runners wanting a bib must raise funds for the charity in order to qualify to wear their bib. This opens up the field beyond qualifying runners to be able to participate in the marathon while using the event to raise much needed funds for non-profits in need of support. Great idea, huh?

Eleven days ago we donated a bracelet, earrings and a handbag for a fundraiser held by marathoner and The Gaff co-owner, Steve Murphy, who is running for Friends of Kate, a foundation dedicated to assisting cancer patients and their families. Once we heard about the mission of Friends of Kate we were all in! We’ve been told the fundraiser was a resounding success. If you are interested in supporting Steve and Friends of Kate you can find out how here: http://friendsofkate.org/2014/01/15/2014-boston-marathon-runner-supports-friends-of-kate/

This Sunday, February 16 th , 2014 we are donating another bracelet/earring set and handbag to Chris Young’s fundraiser for the Waltham Boys and Girls Club. This will be held at The Mad Raven, 841 Main Street, Waltham, Massachusetts. The fundraiser will be held from 5PM until 8PM and will include snacks, great folks and many raffle items from local restaurants and businesses. Unexpected Necessities donated to Chris Young’s fundraiser last year and his story is especially poignant because he was at Kenmore Square in 2013 when he and other runners were halted due to the marathon bombings. Had he been running his normal marathon time he would have been crossing the finish line when the bombings happened. This year Chris is even more committed to crossing that finish line and making the most out of his opportunity to support the Waltham Boys and Girls Club. If you can’t make the fundraiser but would like to donate to Chris and the Boys and Girls Club of Waltham you can donate here: http://www.gofundme.com/5q85ow

Unexpected Necessities is always happy to donate to causes we believe in. If you would like to request a donation of product or time from Unexpected Necessities, please fill out our contact page and we’ll get back to you.

Go Chris and Steve!